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Full Version: VIN #2677 For Sale £42,000 OVNO
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Listed over on the club website with some pics:

A very nice well sorted car.
Hi Chris. I just emailed the owner, he said it has been sold.
Thanks for letting me know
Prices still seem to be on the up.....Ok for us owners...tricky for folk looking to buy.
It is very interesting, in times of financial crisis and uncertainty Classic cars are usually the first thing to drop in value, this was expected at the start of the lockdown and viral outbreak.

Not sure if this is happening or not but I can see with the lockdown and desire to stay away from folk, a classic car is actually a great thing to have with many putting blood sweat and tears into the vehicle in the hopes that once lockdown is over and normalcy resumes they can take it to the shows and socialise a bit more.

With mail/order and online delivered to your door what better thing to have to consume your time.

I hope it lasts (the value) but when lots of folk are laid off in the coming months things may change. I would be interested if the Delorean bucks any "classic value" trend.
A lot of classic cars are bought by wealthy folk with "spare money"...they are not often effected like the rest of us ..they hang on to them......
(18 Jul 2020, 11:42)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]A lot of classic cars are bought by wealthy folk with "spare money"...they are not often effected like the rest of us ..they hang on to them......
Wealthy folk are often the worst hit, especially when the entire stock market goes south having a read of this article a lot of the so called "classic car prices" are on the high end cars which do feel the pinch e.g 200k plus.

That does make far more sense.

You are virtually "commoner" status now Chris with a single D in the garage Wink

Well there are two in there actually.........Only one is mine.

 Getting back to my earlier comment, I know from over 30 years in the classic car game, that most of my customers, some with large collections of car, were not too troubled by the vagaries of day to day dramas of stock markets etc. They still happily spend many thousands of pounds on their chrome plating, their biggest worry was usually ...lead times.
I actually went and viewed this car a few weeks ago. Cosmetically it was in great condition bar a few minor interior issues. The seller was a really nice chap. He took me for a test drive and unfortunately it wasn’t running too great (we got overtaken by a bin lorry!)
He promised to honour offers in the order he had enquiries, I was the second enquiry and the car was sold to an overseas buyer so has now been exported.
Blimey. Times are strange when DeLoreans are *leaving* the UK.