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Full Version: Parts For Sale: Luggage Rack, Water Pump, Solonoid
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Trying to clear out my garage (and release some cash)! prior to some building work on my garage and having to find homes for everything. So have put a few items on EBay, Found 3 new water pumps with press on pulleys 1 is promised and 1 I want to keep so there is this one:

Door Lock Solenoid, Works OK:  (SOLD)

Fan set and housing:

Luggage Rack:  (SOLD)

Would rather they went to club members and can probably do a deal of EBay for club members at a slightly lower price. Really need to clear some room!
Urgh, I've been after a luggage rack for a while but now is definitely not the time... if it doesn't sell straight away I'll see if I can log some sixth days this month!
Very tempted with the luggage rack myself but suspect it's something I would rarely use and would just take up room in my garage instead of yours Chris!
You could say that about 'spare' cars.....and they take up much more room...[Image: rolleyes.png]