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Full Version: aloha
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Hi All, 

I am ER1C,

New member, new owner. 

Cheshire based, 40 odd...

Long and short I have ALWAYS wanted a DeLorean and whilst most will say "the wife stopped me getting one" my good lady encouraged me. In between house sale/purchase she said we can afford one now so stop looking at pictures on the internet and buy one or admit you will never own one..... so I did Smile

Loving it so far, I have a Defender 110 which is great and tinkering with her is lovely but the DeLorean, or should I say Orianne, is just a dream for me.

Plan is to keep her running, I drove her back from Bristol which was super, fix her up and just enjoy her.

Loving the simplicity and basic mechanics... loving the fact my window motor didn't work so I stripped it down cleaned it and et voila fully functioning window.

For some reason I have a slight panic with a fear of the doors failing to open as I realise I cant get out of the windows, but I have purchased a glass hammer to nail that issue. Its all in the mind.
Hi Er1c welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the new car. I'm a fairly new owner myself so it's nice to see a few more of us Northerns cropping up with Deloreans.
Hi Eric,
Congrats on buying your car, visits to filling stations are much more interesting and time consuming in a DeLorean than a regular car!

Doors failing to open is not a common fault, but it can happen, especially if they are not properly shut in the first latch engaged and the other jammed. Usually climbing over the centre console and using the other door is a better option....much easier for small young folk, but tricky for old /plump ones!

I am amused by the original advice that if you were to roll it on its roof, you simply 'kick out' the windscreen. However having removed a couple of windscreens (from the outside), it's a mammoth job..they are very well stuck in. I certainly couldn't kick one out,  but your hammer might help....

Good luck.
Congrats on the purchase... and Welcome to the club!

There will always be little jobs to do... but part of the whole experience  Big Grin

Which one did you buy / what's the VIN ?