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Im finally an owner after putting in a ton of overtime. I purchased 5219, a manual grey interior october 81 car from BHCC. The payment has just cleared and now begins the actual importing part.

This is a restoration job, how big I dont really know yet. I know what the interior needs but I will be concentrating on getting her to be a reliable and a decent driver first. 

The plan was always to get a decent driver with very little work needed to begin with. However, after seeing asking prices recently I decided a restoration was the way to go. Now that Ive bought a car, I feel it was the best decision. Im going to appreciate the car more than I already do and im gonna know whats gone into the car. Im really looking forward to getting my hands dirty.

The great thing is there will now be another DeLorean in the UK. The hard part for me is I have to wait up to 8 weeks before it lands here.

Here are a few pics from the listing:


That looks pretty good to me!

I'm sure if you keep covering the seats with leather food..and let it soak it, you would be able to repair your seats.

 But has Tris has found out, once they are re-coloured, they are difficult to get supple again. Just a thought.

Congratulations on your purchase.    Big Grin
Thanks. I already feel its been worth all the hard graft just to get to this stage.

Im not sure what Im gonna do about the seats yet. Im toying with the idea of having 2 tone covers. Either way, the cosmetics are the last things to sort.

Looks like a really nice project, I like the fact that it has the original blue licence plate. Mine came with it's blue plate too as it was stored in the mid 80s then imported into the UK in 1994. I see this car has not been registered for the road since 1986!

The DeLorean museum might have a record of the dealer and first owner of 5219

Enjoy the journey and there's nothing like seeing your DeLorean in person for the first time...

Welcome to the Beverly Hills Car Club... Club. They do make the shipping a dream. Have you got your arrangements to get it from the docks to you? I can give you the details of a guy a few of us have used who is really reasonable.

(26 Jan 2019, 14:32)Stuart Rees Wrote: [ -> ]Enjoy the journey and there's nothing like seeing your DeLorean in person for the first time...

When I first saw mine in the corner of the shipping warehouse, it was just an insane feeling. I've seen 100s of them but this was like seeing the first one back at the NEC 20 odd years ago.
Ive got a guy at work who knows a few people with recovery vehicles so will go with the best option there. Im getting mine shipped to felixstowe. Really cant wait to pick mine up.
Congratulations mate, where abouts in the UK are you based?
Essex. I hear theres a few owners round these parts.
A little update.... So after a weeks delay in barcelona (backlog of containers or something) 5219 arrived at port tuesday 26th. 

Agent fees and the 5% VAT have been paid and i will be collecting the car tomorrow morning. For me, tomorrow is D day! I have a week booked off work and hopefully i can get the car through the MOT within that time (fingers crossed).
Quote:Agent fees and the 5% VAT have been paid and i will be collecting the car tomorrow morning. For me, tomorrow is D day! I have a week booked off work and hopefully i can get the car through the MOT within that time (fingers crossed).
Great news! keep us informed of how you get on and what you do to it (or need to do)!
Sounds like a club mag article in the making Wink
you took the words out of my mouth Tris !!

Congratulations on getting your new #5219, looking forward to plenty of updates!
I dont even know where to begin with the article. Ill try my best. Just too busy playing and tinkering at the moment.

So far, ive removed the rear bumper mostly for easier access and so i can see what im doing and get familiar with the engine. Im glad i did as changing the belts would have been alot harder. Hopefully i can get the bumper back on tomorrow after ive fed the necessary wires in places for the fog light mod.

Oil and oil filter have been changed.
Coolant has been flushed and the coolant tank was cleaned. It was full of gunk. New coolant has been added.
New belts have been installed. 
Battery has been charged. 
Ive done a little hoovering.
Air filter has been changed.
All struts will be changed as im sick of propping everything up and are due tomorrow as is new gearbox oil. 

Im gonna try to fire her up too for the first time. Fingers crossed it goes well. If that goes well the next step is getting all the tyres sorted. Whilst the ones on the car look like theyve hardly been used, they are all cracked. One was so bad ive used the spare to save the rim on it. Any tips on where to get tyres from are welcomed. 

Ive had lots of attention from passers by and I even had a guy in his knight rider kitt car stop by for a chat plus the usual bttf jokes. 

A little update:
Ive not started her up yet. I wanna make sure Ive covered everything to avoid any damage. 

Fuel tank was removed and cleaned out as I found the pump boot had deteriorated. The fuel pump, whilst new(ish) was underpowered and the previous owner may aswell have used a garden hose. It wasnt very safe. So thats all been done away with. Im currently waiting on the angled banjo and i can then fully reassemble and reinstall the tank and pump. 


I came across a rust spot where the fuel tank resides, most likely due to a leaky master cylinder. Rust has been removed and now repainted. Same goes for the tank cover plate. I will be looking into the cylinder soon.


Fuel filter changed. It was full of crap. 

Fuel accumulator changed and what a damn pain in the rear that was. The fuel hoses were changed also. The rubber literally crumbled away to the slightest touch, so i thought whilst changing them i would do the accumulator also. 

Fuel injector lines have been changed. 

All 4 tyres have now been changed.

Engine bay now locks.

Hood also now locks and the cable has been replaced with a backup line added too.

Still to do that i can think of at the moment:
Spark plugs
HT leads
Headlight upgrade
Fog light modification 
Assess the master cylinder looking probably to replace
Window motors
All brakes, calipers and discs.
Interior cosmetics
Rear dent repaired and a full regrain

Good work.....whats with the Vin numbers.....5219 -----5252? I've never seen a mis-match before....I know its only a felt-tip pen scrawl....but..
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