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Full Version: 11477 - new headliner! Finally!
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Well, I’ve finally finished the headliner!
I started this with my Dad back in August, sadly we didn’t complete it.

But I finished it today and whilst it ain’t perfect, I love it!
[Image: 3156395A-4150-4227-9197-8BFABD71436A.jpe...1024%2C769]
I've got two cars here that could use your attention Tris.
(04 Nov 2018, 18:57)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]I've got two cars here that could use your attention Tris.

If I were closer, I’d jump at the chance to work on those RHD’s !
I'm in no rush Tris...if you find yourself in the area , give me a bell...we have a spare room or two and I have the material.  Smile
Cheers Chris, that’s a great offer.
I’ll keep in touch Wink
Looking good Tris
Hi Tris nice one.
I've posted a few times on this on various forums - I'm trying to source material for #11789 - I have prepped the door headlinner boards and I'd love to get them covered.
Remind me - where did you source the material - was it Delorean Go?

oh on a separate note I've got all the parts ordered to make the front and back self bleed kits so will be making those up and installing them soon.

Hey Kev,

Yes these are the DeloreanGo headliners Smile