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Full Version: Radio and cassette static....
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Ok, a pretty minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but as it’s on my mind......

The radio in 11477, whilst not a Craig or ASI, it is a post type radio (meaning the console is intact!)
This also means radio removal is difficult.

So the issue is there’s static ALL the time - the aerial doesn’t work, so I tried a cassette, but still immense static, when the volume is maxed out I can hear the music, amongst the static! Lol

So, clearly a bad ground.....where’s the easiest place to start looking?

This is it, an ARA “professional series”
[Image: 2E35FED7-126D-43DE-A4CD-7ADFFB21984D.jpeg]

Very period piece! First thing is to check it's wired up correctly and it's not just naff speakers.
I have a bad speaker in my car one of the rears. Makes an odd noise from time to time.

Also I replaced my HT leads and my main incoming one is no longer grounded or covered like the old one was. That introduces more radio interference. I'm going to mod my radio to add aux so I'm not really bothered.
There seems to be lots of capacitors fitted on the D that I've come across while refurbing mine .
for example one in the rear harness "box" , one on the inductipn system by the metering head, 2 in the front harness for the fans.

my understanding is that their purpose is to cut down on snap crackles and pops when using the cassette/radio.

Maybe if a PO has taken these off they may be a contributory factor?
Those capacitors are next to useless anyway. The best thing to do is ensure a good shielded coax running from the back of the radio to the antenna routed as far away from noisy electrical feed wiring, or running perpendicular to them rather in parallel, and have a rear air intake grill mounted auto antenna to connect it to. For the love of god don't rely on a windscreen glass embedded aerial if that's what you have. (That's what i have in case you didn't get my tone lol!)

I've installed a permanent fit ipod/iphone aux converter box under my centre console and have that connected into the aux port on my stereo. My radio DOES work, from time to time, mostly in Scotland compared to England, but normally the radio station broadcast is accompanied by a range of interference noises which change tone, pitch and frequency according to the REV's of the engine and what gear i'm in. It makes for some classic comedy moments of hilarity if nothing else. :-D
Thanks everyone.

The aerial is mounted in the rear pontoon and doesn’t currently work.
That’s why I tried a cassette, but interference was the exact same.

Not high on my list, but I’ll get round to it.