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Full Version: Ducellier Alternator
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A question for you experts.

I have the "old style" (underpowered) Ducellier Alternator on my car - as fitted to all the cars in the batch of 50 exported to the Middle East.

Yes, I will probably replace it as funds become available.

But to get my engine fired up I was wondering about rebuilding it?

Have any of you guys done this to this particular Alternator? If so are parts easily available for it?

I'd take it into an Alternator repairer and get his opinion.

My local chap supplied me with a new one that did the Job, I had to play with the brackets a bit and re-use the pulley. I think it was about £100.
Spud, contact my other half Phill as he's not only rebuilt them, but has also found a source for new alternators that are more powerful at a good price.
If you're on facebook (look up Phill Wright) you can find him there, as he doesn't use this forum (he leaves that to me), or PM me and I'll give you his contact number/email.
Quote:But to get my engine fired up I was wondering about rebuilding it?
But would it be worth it? unless it's a bargain price is it worth re-building something that 'may not' be up to the job? More importantly (talking with my tight wad Yorkshire wallet) you don't know if it has an output yet do you?

Thank you very much for the replies and Claire for your suggestion. The Alternator in it's current state is likely to output little to nothing at all - it feels like something has come adrift inside.

i weighed everything up - I found out the price of components to rebuild it and with shipping costs it didn't seem like I'd be saving much ... so I got a new one for 150 :-( I've kept the original alternator as the batch of 50 mine came from had this type of alternator

...... It seems like I have more pressing problems - see my latest post on "what's missing" from my car now :-(
£150!!! yikes!! I think Phill paid about £89 for his one
(28 Mar 2018, 11:16)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]£150!!! yikes!! I think Phill paid about £89 for his one

I got one from Special T a while back. Brought it back in my suitcase Big Grin
I am sure I didn’t pay anything like £150. Mind you this was before the exchange rate took a beating.

Nick H
haha that brings back memories of DMCH Open House in 2003, and taking a 'suitcase within a suitcase'
and filling one up with car parts to bring back to the UK - except that at George Bush Airport in Houston
the bag was 8kg overweight, and instead of paying an over weight fee, they made us buy another bag at $40
and repack it so that the weights were ok at the British Airways check in desk.
I bought a brand new Les Paul guitar in 1974 for £275 ... put a zero on the end now. The moral - well gone are the days of cheap partswhat with pound dollar/euro exchange and USA postage rates - although, having said that,
I admit bargains are out there - getting a gates water pump sent from the usa recently was cheap by comparison to the prices quoted out there on the net. I'd  be interested in seeing an alternator out there for under £90 delivered ... requiring no mods ?

Whilst on the subject of cheaper parts - any deals on the headlight switch?