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Full Version: Vin #1373 - it's running again!
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Hey all,

Reassembled the engine yesterday in the garage (had some electric heaters on full blast so was actually alright).

Turned the key and car started first time [Image: thumbsup.gif]

For people that might not know, my clutch slave went a couple of weeks ago, so thought it would be a good time to take the car down to the valley (!) to change the distributor cap, rotor arm, leads, plugs and put new bolts in for all the ones I removed as I went (with a great mate - always good to do it with another pair of eyes and arms!).

Considering I've only had the car since the end of November, I didn't think I'd be doing such a job so soon, but it was good fun (apart from the clutch slave, that was a pain in the ass to change even with the intake off!)

Succesfully replaced all of the above - very happy to get it running again. Needs more work in the idle department, but that's a job for another day!

The rotor arm was in a right state (pictures on another thread), the cap only had one clip so wasn't flat, and a couple of the plugs were only finger tight! They were all gapped well past 1mm as well - not really sure how the car actually managed to start at all before!





Thanks to all who helped with advice etc - appreciated!
Well done, told you it was easier to remove the air intake. Tongue   Either way, well done you have cleared up some of he outstanding service jobs.
Yes you were right  Big Grin I think I was just putting it off as I was worried about snapping a bolt, but thankfully that didn't happen.

With all new bolts it should be easy to do again if (let's face it not if but when) for another job.
How about a nice write up for the Club mag Wink
Nice work, It's satisfying when it all goes back together... and works!  Smile

I have this job to do soon on 6237 when I finally revive the car from hibernation.