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Full Version: LEGACY3 - VIN 5255
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[Image: WMuKoigNbbnzVRgM2g0_nMoqC5wMHV2mESaB_WDs...SEcO8=w800]

I'll be writing this up in detail for the club magazine too Smile
Ohh, mysterious!
The picture is not showing though Chris :-(
Scooby lump and trans in a De?

I did consider it when Flopsy's engine failed.
(02 Mar 2018, 11:15)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]Scooby lump and trans in a De?

I did consider it when Flopsy's engine failed.

no and no Smile
Believe me, it is worth waiting !
Ah, the 'Legacy' thing made me thing Subaru Wink
[Image: G8eSyQ0Jo3sGlxxePvEj21z6V6XJhIcFtoJ9V07z...9KaA=w1410]

Following on from the engine (‘modified’ LS3 6.2L V8) and transmission (Porsche 911 ‘964’ Turbo G50\52) swap to make the Legacy3 a reality, the build is now finally being written up to feature each step at for any queries, not covered on the website, please feel free to ask here.

A quick video below:-

[Image: s91_Ng202eprO_gnCto2dvUglYUoKca9_C9tC_RB...Zhkms=w500]

The whole process has been a roller coaster of emotions but I’ve very glad to have done through the whole process.
Looking good Chris!  Could do with some more photo's....... Incidentally I have never seen any records that refer to chassis frame numbers being recorded... anywhere.

Sometimes they are similar to the vins, but often not. I think they were for GKN's convenience only.

Incidentally I've had a long drive to Warwick and back today....gave lots of folk the 'Siver Steak' treatment on the M69 and M1.  Wink

A clip of the first start up
Clip not working Chris..
Sorry Chris, I'd left it set as 'private'. I've now corrected this to 'public' so it should now work fine.
No Problem sounds a right mean beast! Wink