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Full Version: ASI Radio PCB and potentiometer
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Following damage sustained to my ASI Radio during shipping (for general refurbishment), despite great care taken with the packing, I am looking for the following part(s). If anyone can supply or know where to obtain these parts I would be very grateful for the information. I've looked at a similar BMW 1982 ASI radio but I'm told the similar part is not compatible so it seems I do need the DeLorean ASI radio part.

This is what happened, see the bent stems to which the knobs attach:
[Image: 34038394935_71445076c2.jpg]

The right hand one has been repaired:
[Image: 34038395255_32153ecc30.jpg]

But the left hand one is beyond repair:
[Image: 34038395545_8170567c72.jpg]

I am therefore looking for the left hand PCB and potentiometer as shown in the following three images:
[Image: 33966968601_7247fd5935.jpg]

[Image: 33966969151_b2112a0269.jpg]

[Image: 33966969581_5da2e67e5f.jpg]

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.