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Full Version: VIN 2959 For Sale
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They seem rather expensive to me…or am I just out of date?
I agree Chris, these are £30-35k tops IMHO
'DOC 16V', the car in Cumbria is VIN 2677. I've been to see it at the showroom a few times, it's a nice car - albeit at an optimistic price. The interior would be nice with new gaiters for the gear stick and hand brake, some carpets and an original radio, if you can find one! The exterior is smart too, the fascias have definitely been repainted at some point and they've been done well. It's got the same stainless exhaust as our car, 2703. The engine as you can see in the pictures has had a lot of work done to it. The only other thing of note is the SPAX shocks which have been fitted without also replacing the front springs so the car is noticeably nose-high.