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Full Version: LJH Roof Construction
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Hi all,
        Just picked up LJH from Chris N today. Thought I'd share some pics of the roof construction replacement. As I know some other people were interested.


Let's just say the roof was rotten! Also someone in the cars past had damaged the end of the driver side torsion bar. Ouch for the credit card Sad 
A previous person had also cut the strange hole you can see in one of the photos. The only reason Chris and I think for the hole wasthat someone was trying to get to the loom. As the central locking did not work when I got the car. 

Chris has done a super job on the roof and regrained the stainless. Car has never looked so good Cool

Cheers for sharing them, that was bad, yet another of the things on DeLoreans that seem to have got to the end of life at around 30 yrs. Though again seems to affect some more than others Huh