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Full Version: DOC-UK 20th Anniversary Weekend, 10-11 Sept 2016
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Hi all,

right, I'm hoping this week to finalise this years event, which I'm planning for the weekend of 10-11 September.

We will be based at the Green Man/Premier Inn Silverstone, a place that Phill and I are familiar with as the Matra Enthusiasts Club
hold meets there every year.  Its conveniently situated on the A43 at Brackley Hatch, so handy for anyone coming via the M1 or M40.  I'd recommend going for the bed and breakfast
option, Premier Inn breakfasts are pretty epic in my experience.  The Green Man itself serves excellent food, and we've never had a bad meal there.

I'm in the final stages of sorting out the places we are going to visit, but its looking like Bletchley Park & National Museum of Computing on the
Saturday, and possibly the Grand Union Canal (including a boat trip) at Stoke Bruerne on the Sunday.  Both locations are less then 20 miles from the hotel,
and the Grand Union Canal is handy for the M1 for the journey home.  There are a number of pubs in Stoke Bruerne for a slap up Sunday lunch after a boat
trip, plus there is the Canal & Waterways Museum too.

Anyway, as soon as everything is sorted, which I hope will be Monday or Tuesday, I'll confirm everything on here so that folks can start booking the hotel
up - it'd be good to have an idea on numbers as we go along, so that I can pass this on to the places we'll be going so they know how many people & DeLorean
cars to expect.  The National Museum of Computing have already said to me that they are looking forward to welcoming us Smile

Thanks for sorting this out Claire……I know (first hand) how time consuming it can be.

 I have been to both Bletchley and Stoke Bruerne  years ago....both have been improved and developed since….but were good then!

Looking forward to  seeing them, and all my DeLorean friends  again. Smile
The canal museum sounds interesting but is there a 'Hooters' nearby too?
Looks up and starts to pay attention!
There maybe Floatell on the cannel   Smile
Wedding Anniversary is on the 9th, but I'm thinking the wife and I can make a long weekend trip of it Smile Determined to finally make it to a club event this year!
hahaha, what are you guys like....... second thoughts don't answer that.......

Great news, the National Computer Museum at Bletchley Park (we'll be visiting them and BP itself as
they are on same site), have said we can display our cars in front of the museum and are really looking
forward to a good display Smile
Thats great news Claire…its a brilliant venue.
Thanks for organising this Claire, Alice and I will try our hardest to be there especially as it's the 20th year of the DOC plus it'll be the main show of the year as we won't be going to Eurofest. It'll probably be the last run for 16723 before selling the car to fund the wedding...  Blush
hi all, apologies for the delay, some of the people I'm dealing with aren't the fastest at
answering enquiries..........
Ok everyone, I've finalised everything, and the itinerary is as follows:

Friday 9th September - ad hoc day for people to arrive at their leisure and settle down in the restaurant & bar for the evening and catch up with friends old and new.

Saturday 10th September.
Leave hotel late morning, and head over to Bletchley Park, where we will have a dedicated parking area in front of the National Museum of Computing.
We will spend the day exploring the NMOC and also the famous 'Codebreaking' site of Bletchley Park itself.

Sunday 11th September.
The Club has arranged for us to have a canal boat trip (leaves at 11am, although I've asked if we can have it a little later) from the Boat Inn at Stoke Bruerne.  The boat trip lasts approximately 90 minutes.  The boat can accommodate a maximum of 40 people.  After boat trip, we are free to have some lunch at one of the canalside pubs and visit the Canal Museum.

We will be staying at The Green Man, Brackley hatch (Premier Inn).  The Green Man has an excellent restaurant, and Premier Inn rooms are well equipped and comfortable.  The hotel has a large, secure and free car park and is ideally situated on the A43 not far from Silverstone circuit.

Please book your hotel room here:

I would advise booking the hotel early to make sure we all get in - I'm not aware of any events at Silverstone that weekend, but if that changes then it will get booked up quickly, as it is popular with people attending the circuit.

Full details will also be published in the next edition of DeLorean News and on the Club's Facebook page.

Lets celebrate 20yrs of the DOC-UK !!

that's our room booked - Flex Saver with Breakfast Smile
Booked... Flex with B&B, I'm not seeing a saver option so maybe booking quickly already ?
Ah yes, my mistake, just Flex with Breakfast, I don't think saver rate is available. At least with Flex rate, anyone who needs to cancel at last minute wont lose any money.

also, managed to change the boat trip to leaving at 12 noon, give Andy Withers time to get up and make it there lol
Hotel Booked...Delores passed MOT.... See you all there  Smile
Hi folks - unfortunately this will land slap bang on top of laddo's first weeks at school, so logistics-wise it's going to be a nightmare. They do part time for the first fortnight as well so we'll be caning our holiday allowance. Unfortunately this (plus the minor hiccup od lack of a current MOT etc) means I'll not be making it this year. Apologies, and well done to the organisers, I have always fancied a trip around Bletchley etc, but it looks like it's not to be for us, this time. Enjoy! RH
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