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Full Version: Hello - New member from Cumbria
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Ian from Wigton Cumbria here. I am new to the forum and to the owners club - although I don't own a Delorean. Fascinated by these beautiful motors, have seen a couple of them in the flesh, one at the old cars in the Stars museum a few years ago in Keswick, and most recently the RHD one at the Lakeland Motor Museum.

If any members within a reasonable distance (even Manchester counts as I have a daughter at university in Salford) would be willing to let me see and sit in one of their cars sometime my 17 year old son and I would be grateful.

I'm 53, so remember the whole Delorean story in 81 to 83, and enjoyed BTTF. I am also 6'6" tall so it looks like this could be a classic sports car I could actually fit in.

I am at the thinking about buying stage, although think it would need to be a runner rather than a project car as I don't have the time or facilities at present to do a major project.
Welcome to the forum Tongue
Welcome aboard.

The NEC (this weekend) is always a great opportunity to see and talk about the cars and, being nice, you might even get a seat if you ask nicely Wink
Thanks - Would love to be at the NEC this weekend, but can't make it, another time perhaps
hiya, welcome to the DOC-UK Smile

Our Club President, Dave Howarth is in Manchester, I'm sure if you gave him a call he'd be happy
to see you and show you round the cars and give you an idea on what to look out for when buying
a car Smile
Probably Tony Openshaw or Kris Murray are the closest to you, though the cars may be away for the winter months now.
Thanks for the replies, I may contact Dave in due course. Big Grin