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Full Version: 2 hire requests - Dundee and Wales
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The one in Wales is a wedding, date not specified yet. The one in Dundee I'd required Oct 21st for a birthday surprise.

Any Deloreans of any guise around these areas? Drop me a pm if you are interested.
I might be able to do the Dundee one, but have already extended an offer on that day to an event in Glasgow and awaiting response. If the lady from Glasgow doesn't get back in touch by the weekend and this one is still not picked up I'll see what I can do Smile

Donna & Dave might be up for taking the Dundee one before then though!
where and when in Wales pls
Crimond56 Wrote:Hi,
where and when in Wales pls

Sept/Oct 2016 or March 2017 apparently. Advanced planner!