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Full Version: BTTF Delorean hire
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Does anybody have a BTTF Delorean available to hire on the 25th October 2015?

The hire location is Guernsey and we would cover travel and accomodation for an overnight stay on the Sunday night.

Unfortunately I am working to a very strict budget so if anybody is free and could give me some prices I would be very grateful.

My work email is


probably the closest person to you with a BTTF replica is Brian O'Neil near Worthing in Sussex, but
its a heck of a ferry crossing to Guernsey. I'm not sure if there are any DeLoreans in the Channel
Islands, standard or otherwise.

Out of interest, have you contacted the French Club? They might have a car in northern France, and
its a shorter crossing from Brittany to Guernsey.