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Full Version: 1004 says hello
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Hi guys

Have just bought my a delorean here in Denmark with win 1004 Smile

Have already joined the DOC UK Smile

The car is in great shape, NOT much work is needed.

Pictures comes later

Best regard

Thomas Engberg
Congratulations Thomas,

looking forward to seeing some pictures. Smile Have you much history about the car?
Congrats and pics please...

vin 01004 or 11004?

Recent import or has it been in Denmark for a while.
Welcome to the forum Smile
Congratulation on your purchase, can't wait to see some pic of your car!
Thanks guys

It is vin 01004 and it is from South Dakota and have been
Importet by a Danish guy back In late 80's

I try to upload some pictures later today Smile
Vin 1004, Black int. Manual, Engine no. 1407, G/Box no.323, on Line 1/4/81, off line 6/04/81, ex plant 9/4/81, Shipped 19/4/81.
Hi Chris

Is that my car om the pictures ??

Best regards

Thomas Engberg
congratulations on your purchase Thomas - and welcome to the DOC-UK

Feel free to write an article for the Club Magazine about buying and owning
a DeLorean in Denmark Smile
I'm afraid I can't say Thomas, they are somebodies cars! If I do spot yours when I'm looking through my collection, I will let you know! Smile
First pictture

Im hæving somme difficulties adding pictures to the forum Shock
More pictures Smile
Thanks claire

I Will look into writting an article in near future Smile
Thank you for sharing your pictures!
Car look great, really nice early VIN Wink
What a beauty!!!!

that looks in stunning condition, lovely car Smile
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