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Full Version: BTTF Day Delorean Hire - Wrexham
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Hi Smile

I'm hoping to put on a charity event at my local FE college on BTTF Day (Oct 21st 2015 - which I'm sure you all know!!), to raise money for the college charity. For 2015/16, this is MacMillan Cancer Support.

Is there anyone nearby that would consider bringing their Delorean to the college for the day, and, as it is for charity, for a reduced cost? I understand that there will likely be costs that you cannot avoid but we can keep you in tea/coffee for the day and provide lunch for you as well.

If it takes off, I am hoping that there will be other events such as a screening of BTTF, BTTF fancy dress, cake making and so on.

Anyway, fingers crossed that someone can help.

Thank you

Try bjbrownie on here, he has a standard Delorean and is based in the Wirral, so may be
able to help if he's not already booked up that day.
Great. Thanks for you help. Do I just contact him directly?
yes, just find him on here and drop him a PM - if you go through some of the Northern
meets on the Events page, you'll find stuff posted by him and you can pm him direct
from there.
Thanks, I've just pm'd him Big Grin