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Full Version: Just purchased VIN #16606
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Hi DOC - I've done it, taken the plunge and actually purchased a project car with he help of Chris Nicholson. It's presently with it's owner and is being collected by the dealer from DMC Midwest and Chris Nicholson on 24th June from it's location in Illinois. Shipping is presently in the planning. Once in the UK Chris is going to do his magic to restore it. The car is 5 speed manual with black interior.

I've started the following blog to document this project for the benefit of my family and friends but also for anyone else, so please feel free to follow. Some initial pics are also shown on the blog.

I'm a complete novice so this project is a major undertaking for me. Any words of advice that are pertinent will be gratefully received.

Congratulations on taking you first step in DeLorean ownership. It will probably be a long road and not without its problems…….but its worth it in the end Big Grin
I can only say well done on achieving the dream. Gives me hope every time I read of a new owner on here that I can one day post a thread like this one. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on your progress mate, well done.
That's great news, the more the merrier! Waiting for your car to arrive will be a very long three months or so Big Grin
great news, well done on your purchase Smile
Well done & Welcome to DeLorean ownership... Mr Green
As far as I can tell from the blog it's a ONE owner car that looks like it's been sunbathing for a few years. Cry

Great to hear it is going to be saved! Big Grin

Live the Dream
Thanks everyone for your comments. This is really useful and will give me food for thought when considering what to have done when 16606 arrives in the UK.

Holy Christ buddy. :lol:
Going by your blog & mileage calculations you don't seem a man who's not worked out every detail. Can I ask what cars like that go for? With all those road miles, what was shipping costs?
Love to know if you've done this sort of thing before? Had other cars restored?
Good luck fella.
Hi 88mph,

16606 set me back $15k (£9.8k). Chris N and the DMC Midwest Dealer are collecting it tomorrow and returning it to Crystal Lake, IL. TransGlobal then step in and will ship and deliver to Chris N's workshop, PJ Grady in Essex. The shipping quote is coming in at about £2200.

I'm a complete novice and have never done this before. I am a project manager by profession so getting the plan and the details sorted is my thing. In fact if it wasn't for Chris N's support and advice plus a fair degree of blind faith I probably wouldn't have had the guts to pursue this dream to own a DeLorean. It's only after having found out that it was possible and knowing that support is out there from the DOC that I feel I can confidently live the dream.


:lol: Shock
Congratulations, i'm sure you will be OK. There are very few, solid looking 'project' cars around at £12k. Hopefully its mostly cosmetic work required. Chris N will guide you along the right road. Smile
Another being saved; brilliant. Smile

That's good project money there (I paid similar) and I've seen far worse for more. All the best with the works to come!
that's certainly a good price in todays market.
Seems a fair shipping quote. Have you got a completion date in mind or is Chris doing it as more of a as & when 'fill-in' job?
The completion date is not fixed but I understand it to be about 4 months from time I agreed to move forward with Chris. So that would be towards end of September. It cannot come soon enough.

Big Grin :wink:
I guess you already know, but when you know which boat it is going on, there are shipping websites where you can track the collection and follow as the ship crawls its way around the Atlantic & Northern Europe.
You find yourself taking an extra interest in the sea state off Halifax. A summer transport should have abetter chance of a smooth crossing!!
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