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Hey all.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been registered with the forum for a while now, just keeping up-to-date with any Delorean news.
But I've recently become a DOC member (thanks to a Birthday present from my gf), and just wanted to say hi! Big Grin

I'm originally from Sheffield but now live in Banbury, Oxfordshire and looking forward to getting to know all the local members and owners!
I'm not an owner myself, having just graduated from uni I've only just started saving.

I'm sure this is a fantastic community and I can't wait to get involved.

P.S If your the owner of the Delorean who lives in the housing estate near the Ponds Forge roundabout in Sheffield - THANK YOU!
Yours was the first Delorean I ever saw for real, and it only encouraged my love for the car! Let me know if you're a forum member!Mr Green
Welcome to the forum!! I think that may well have been Paul Birks car that you saw. Not sure on the roundabout but he lived in Sheffield for sometime

Hi there (name?) Welcome to the club.
I know the car in question. I have driven past it many-a-time, before I bought my own.
From what I can remember, the car has never been registered with our club.

This one is it?

[Image: sheff.JPG]
Birksie Wrote:This one is it?

Yeah, pretty sure that's the one. I haven't been back to see it since I moved 4 years ago.

My name is Matt by the way, don't know why I didn't put it in my original post! :roll:

Are you still living in Sheffield, Paul?
Im now living in Worksop. Im from Chapeltown originally.
My DeLorean is still in Sheffield, at my mums because there is no where to park it at home.

The car in the picture was taken about 10 years ago. I know its still there today, as I always
take a peek anytime im close by.