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Full Version: Good day from the USA!
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Good day everyone!

I am the proud owner of 07063 living in the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan, USA.

My father was from Tipton in the Black Country and my wife and I are planning a move to the West Mids in the next year or two.

That being said, I will certainly be bringing the D with me and hope to become active with the club.

Now, all I need to do is figure out what the import steps are for someone moving to the UK with their car and I'll be good to go!

Anyone from the West Mids feel free to let me know as we will have to get together next time I'm in town. My cousins and grandfather still live in the area, specifically Tipton, Wolverhampton, and Dudley.

A little on me, I'm 26 and a United States Air Force veteran. Currently at uni to get my Bachelors of Science in Paralegal Studies. My current profession is in metrology, or calibration if you prefer.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Hi Justin & welcome.
Fair enough wanting to get out of Detroit but why over here?
There are important things to consider, Petrol/Gas is 40% more expensive & Delorean parts will cost at least 30% more, with shipping & VAT. Are you sure about this move? :lol:
As to importing your car, I think its straight forward, I remember seeing sections on the forms I used for immigrants importing their own vehicles. You might want to bring a couple of D's, make a few quid. Tongue
Hi Justin

Fortunately there seems to be the largest concentration of DeLoreans (in the UK) in the West Midds so you will be in good company! Importing the cars back to the UK is easy, no issues at all. Nearer the time I'm sure someone will guide you through it,.

Welcome to the forum Wink

well my other half Phill works as a courier for a Metrology company, and forum member RichH used
to work for the same company (in Derby, East Midlands).

Welcome to the club, and we look forward to having you and your wife and your car in the UK very soon Smile
Thanks for welcoming me!

Detroit isn't bad, and I do love it here in Michigan, but I want to get to my roots! When my wife and I visited we loved every minute there and I feel it could be a welcome change. As for the where my family lives, I find it funny when any of them or their friends tell us its a bad area. After living near Detroit for so long, I'm sure the worst England could throw at us would be a walk in the park by comparison. It would also be nice though to get to know my family better and spend some quality time with my grandfather considering I've only met him a handful of times. He'll be 87 this year and although I'm sure he'll live well past 100, I'd like to take the opportunity sooner rather than later. Also, when we do decide to start having children I'd like them to have the dual citizenship and an English education. I inherited my citizenship from my father but will be unable to pass it to my children unless they're born there.

Either way, if any of you have any advice on the import process, potential job openings, or just life in general across the pond, I'd love to hear it!

I can't wait to take my driving test over there in a left hand drive DeLorean. Hopefully the assessor will be too confused by the car to notice the bad habits I've developed over the years!
The driving test in a LHD Delorean could be a challenge! I'd buy a small RHD car for that and to use as a daily driver. The insurance of your Delorean will be cheaper if you have 'classic car insurance' and that is easier to get if its not your 'main' car.

The DeLorean will need a few mods to lights etc., before you can register / use in the UK, nothing too difficult. Smile
for import process, speak to Transglobal ( I think), they've been shipping Deloreans back
to Blighty for 15 years or more.

Might be worth putting feelers out with specialist job agencies here in the UK to see if there are any suitable
opportunities for you.
Welcome, indeed.

Claire has, not just a point, but a very real concern. Don't even attempt driving your D here (or learn in it) until you've worked our road systems out ENTIRELY. You won't thank yourself otherwise. Besides, getting it road-ready isn't a five minute job (takes at least 20).

I've always wanted to move state-side. Better the devil and family keep me here; but I like the US way of life. The West Midlands can be a lovely, and pretty part of the world though. Nice people too.

I'm a South Coaster (near Portsmouth). I like the sea to run by, the Hampshire country roads to abuse and the (generally) nicer weather.