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Full Version: No interoir lights
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Right then, I've checked bulbs, they work when flicked to constant.
Door lights work, but there is no power to the 'on when open' interior lights. Not at bulb & not at drivers door switch.
All fuses seem ok, Any ideas.
Did you check that it is wired correctly?

[Image: courtsey-light.jpg]
What happens when you open the pass. door?

Check the wiring diagram and see if the door switches are on a different fuse. Probably not but I would check to be sure.
Ok, I think I'd better go back a step.
There are three door switches aren't there.
Two on the drivers door, one on the passengers door.
I'd assumed one on each side was for the door lights and the other on drivers was for interior lights (front and back).
Have I got this correct?
Not quite.

One of the door switches on the drivers door is for the 'buzzer box'

The remaining switch on the driver's side, and the switch on the passenger side operate the interior lights and the door marker lights for the door you are opening.

It's quite a convoluted arrangement of diodes to make it work.

Have you got a circuit diagram?
I've just reinstalled and reconnected our door switches, and the interior lights didn't work either. Found that the door switches, door lights, and interior lights all benefit from a clean up of the contacts. The interior lights have a little pivot wheel inside that makes contact with either permanent ground or switched ground via the door switches, and ours was covered in surface corrosion. A quick touch with a file sorted them out, and the spade contacts on the top. Our seatbelt warning buzzer seems to have been disabled, so I've left that disconnected.