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Full Version: Engine removal queries
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Can someone help me here?
I currently have the body removed from the chassis and am in the process of stripping it for cleaning and restoration. I need to remove the engine and transmission but am trying to figure out which engine crane to buy as I don't know what the engine and transmission weigh. I hope to take it out as one and dismantle afterwards to be rebuilt.
I don't want to pay lots for a bigger crane when I don't need it but I want one that can do the job and then be returned to eBay for sale when I'm done.
Anyone help?
Many thanks.
This is the one I have: ... shop-crane
Must have used it a couple of dozen times for everything from 2-8 cylinder engines including pulling at least 10 DeLorean engine/gearboxes out either for myself or other people! probably not the best bit of kit in the world but folds up small and works well.
Well that looks great. I have seen the same design, but as long as a 1 tonne is suitable I will give it a whirl. Should fit into the garage easily enough too.
If I remember correctly the engine has 4 hoops, are there any special parts needed or just what they have on the shelf? Any usual Delorean quirks I need to know, there are normally some!