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Full Version: Fitting seperate rear fog light. Need spare switches as well
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Car is coming off the boat tomorrow & thought I'd have ago at sorting some of the bits that will need doing.
Has anyone got pics that simple explain routing of cable & connections.
Seller has also told me that window switches need replacing. Any ideas of where to get some.
You can most likely disassemble the switches and clean them but when mine got iffy I decided since the logo was wearing off anyway, Ijust replaced them with the switches from DMC that are backlit. This way the emblem is permanant and lighted, and if you buy in pairs there is a good discount.

As far as the rear foglight, use a defroster switch and plug it into one of the dummy locations. You can use foam carpet cleaner to remove the paint without damaging the plastic...or use your old defroster switch which probably already has a worn logo and use the new one to replace it with.

Can't help you with the fog light itself but it should not be difficult. I would just use an inline fuse and wire one brake light up separately with the new switch..but there may be an easier way using the existing wiring.
Those switches look great!

I used a blank and fitted a simple, lit, rocker switch. I just rewired one set of brake lights with dual-filament bulbs and set the switch to light one up. It passed our MOT tests like that.
Routing the cable was simple enough - under the center console, through the bulkhead and along the tub.
Yes Michael, I too love the look of the window switches.

However, at the risk of upsetting the 'purest 's out there, i'll probably leave mine stock.
Very swish Mike, but £70!!
Surely other switches fit, Where did DMC originally get them from?
They had them made….by a well know manufacturer , but they were made for the car.

A little flimsy as it turns out, i'm sure they would have been re-designed in 1983 or 84 had the company survived.
Chris P Wrote:Yes Michael, I too love the look of the window switches.

However, at the risk of upsetting the 'purest 's out there, i'll probably leave mine stock.

Purists are to be mocked, not feared.

In Land Rover circles they call them 'rivet counters'….yes they really do know how rivets or spot welds should be on certain parts of the car!
I bought the illuminated window switches this year and fitted them in the summer. I like them a lot, especially since they light green because I've lit up my whole centre console with a green theme...
Looks very smart.
Does fog switch light up too when used? Legal requirement?
How do you wire it to only come on with light switch?
Any pics of job?
My car uses the Lamda light on the dash as the tell-tale.

There are wiring schematics online to show you how to wire a fog light up. It's not too difficult. I think it's even described on this forum somewhere. You can do it different ways. One of the popular methods involves breaking the circuit board tracking and uses a couple of diodes (as per original intention if they had ever successfully broken into the European market with the car.) Another way, which is the way I have it on my car, is to use a slave relay instead. There are other more complicated ways, but these tend to require 4-pole switches etc, which means you have to hack and slash hardware to make it look even slightly authentic instead of just using a blank DMC switch (or, as has been suggested already, a rear windscreen heater switch with the decal removed). These are both 2-pole switches. Simpler.
Mark Sutton's (flux3d) blog is a good resource: ... light.html ... art-2.html

Parts I used recently for this very job:
1x Red:
1x Black:

The end result is something which doesn't hack into any of the original wiring, and can be put back to stock for the cost of a replacement dummy switch (which is cheap as chips)

Also worth checking out his blog for the front headlights/sidelight: ... ights.html
The heated rear window switch is identical internally as a plain blank switch intended for auxiliary devices.

Looks like Rissy has gone down this route, as have I many years ago.

My advice is this.

Buy a brand new heated windscreen switch.

Take the top off it, because they are the same, putting a nice new top (and decal) on your existing switch to freshen that up.
Clean the remaining scratched offf decal as Michael suggested with some foam cleaner etc.

Get James Russell Grant to make you a Fog Light Decal which is identical in size to the existing emblem.

Fit a very small (ORANGE) panel mounted LED into the face of the switch, or if you are really creative hack an old binnacle apart (not from a delorean) with an Amber fog light filter, and mount it into the aircon panel where the fan fail filter is. Personally I took the small LED option.

The LED wire will pass through the switch without impairing the mechanism.

Or use Rissys method as many have done, but technically a light on the dashboard which is illuminated for something it shouldn't be isn't my preference though it works fine.

Snap the top back on the switch, passing the small wire through, and then remember your LED will only work wired in one direction. Black to earth obviously, and your positive to the switched side of the switch (same as fog light feeds)

Always fuse your fog light, should be 10a max, and don't use bell wire or 2 lengths of red or black cable to save money... Someone might hack into that feed not knowing it's opposite pole, and cook something.

Don't take your car to a show with a line of switches that look like a row of derelict houses.... It's the first thing you see when you look in and its hideous!

With patience, they will all sit in line and straight when off.
Ok I'm going with Mike's idea, using dummy switch.
Question is where (headlight relay?) do I take supply from?
And where is a nice place to earth to the back chassis?
Cheers Karl
88mph Wrote:Ok I'm going with Mike's idea, using dummy switch.
Question is where (headlight relay?) do I take supply from?
And where is a nice place to earth to the back chassis?
Cheers Karl
Karl, I'll get you a picture of the relay.

Re the earth points. For the fog light switch in the car, tap into the earth for the cigar lighter.
For the actual lights on the back of the car, at the back of the rear wings you should see a bolt with an eyelet crimped wire on it. There is one on each wing. This is where the rear lights/brake lights earth to, add your new earth cable for the fog lights to one of those bolts.
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