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Full Version: Looking to source BTTF exterior parts in a hurry
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I am trying to finish a the exterior of my build in a hurry. Does any one have any parts for me to purchase?

I am in a desperate need of the oil separators which I am having problems sourcing. Does any one have any or can cast them? I can get most of the hoses but if any one has the attachments that fit the hoses to the vents that would also be great. :-)

Any help will be appreciated.
A picture might help others identify what you need :wink:
Darren C Wrote:A picture might help others identify what you need :wink:
. Good idea. Big Grin

The picture shows the oil separators at the side of the trapezoid. They are actually vintage bendix oil separators which I'm finding nearly impossible to source. (I'm on a mission though.)
Also I am wanting this attachment for the hose. Ollie wilks, can you help me out here? :-)
I've got Goodridge alloy Unions on to threaded mounting plate Mike.
Try demon tweeks Motorsport.

I'm guessing yours is going to Crawley shopping centre?
Excellent , thanks Ollie. As for the shopping centre, that's not me. My car won't be ready for a least a few months after which the furthest I'd probably go would be about an hours drive from my house Big Grin Crawley is way to far for me Big Grin
By the way how thick should the braided hose be ? Cheers
Make a circle with your middle finger and thumb, that's about the size. Bet you're good at doing that mate :lol: :roll: