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Full Version: Dark Grey Headliner
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Hey folks,

I'm in a pickle and hoping someone can assist me. I've been trying to find a vendor who stocks the correct dark grey colour of nylon (unbrushed) headliner material.

Can anyone help, even if it's just information like what the actual colour is called i.e. "slate grey" or "moonstone grey" etc. I have door liners I wish to attempt to cover myself and if all goes well, then remove my roof liners, strip them off and recover them with the dark grey....wishing to put it back to the original factory look instead of a mix-match. I'm trying to get as close as possible to my dark grey sunvisors, so this is my personally imposed goal limitation.

As a reminder, here is what a pair of dark grey sunvisors look like...
mmm, I got mine from DaveH but it's much lighter IIRC. I have some off cuts if you wish to check a sample?
That would be useful Chris, thanks.

I still need a source for a large area of the stuff though.

It's seems harder than you would expect. It's a bit of a funny colour. You can match it with vinyl, but not nylon (that I've found)!?
No worries, I will send you some up, I do think it's to light but it will give you an idea. Have you tried Wollies trim?
I have checked Woolies, and Martrim, and scouted the internet to all various places, but nothing looks right. I got samples through from Martrim, but they were too light (and black?!)
Have you tried Lee Pattison?
MikeWard Wrote:Have you tried Lee Pattison?

Who is that?
Lee Pattison probably the best known trimmer of DeLorean cars in the UK, been at it for years and brought his beautifully restored rolling Chassis to the NEC stand in Nov. 09. Comes from 'Down Souff',

I don't have contact details for him though. Claire and Phil brought someone along as well! Little baby Kess.
Oh right. I've never heard of this chap. I've never heard of anyone mention him either....until now.

Does anyone have a way of contacting him?
I think its Lee Patterson, and he's in Kent. Dave Howarth and probably Chris N should have his contact details…our own Chris W may have them.
Rissy Wrote:Does anyone have a way of contacting him?
I'll drop you a PM Chris.
Ok Mike, thanks.
Thanks chaps. Big Grin