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Full Version: Car for photo shoot required Midlands/Lancs/any area!
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Email request, if any one can help then please respond directly:
Hi Chris,

I'm looking for a volunteer to have their Delorean featured in Classic Cars. It's for our regular 7-page 'The List' feature, where we put a reader in one of their 'bucket list' cars.

If that sounds a bit scary, be assured that we provide full insurance for this. And perhaps more importantly, we vet the reader well beforehand to make sure they have the right driving record and capabilities. So far the feature has been running for over a year without mishaps, and included everything from a Bristol 411 to a Lambo Countach via an Aston Martin DB5.

We can't offer a hire fee, but will cover fuel costs, keep you fed, and provide you with a set of the professional photos taken on the day.

Location isn't that crucial – we'll come to you, or arrange a mutually suitable meeting point – but the reader in this case is from Lancashire, so it would help to be within striking distance if possible. Timing is also flexible to suit. We don't have to get this shot until Feb 24, but you never know what kind of winter we're in for so it can be pretty much any time between now and then.

If you are interested, please contact me here or directly at:

Russ Smith