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Full Version: Strange Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold
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So I'd not paid too much attention to my exhaust manifolds until starting to plan removing the stock system with a freeflow alternative (or cat by-pass if money is short!).

I was under the car today and realized my exhaust manifold is not stock on the passenger side. It has an additional piping element that has been welded shut. I was curious if anyone else has seen this on their car? Or if someone could advise what other PRV the manifold is likely from?
No, that is correct it fed hot air to the intake manifold by a flexi silver ipe that's probably long gone.

Fair enough! Hadn't seen it on any of the NOS available ones, so I wasn't sure Smile
It's part No 34 from hear: ... embly.aspx it may be all the rest of the gubbins from the air intake has been removed for a simple 1 piece pipe.