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Full Version: Also Urgent Hire for 1 minute on June 17 - celebs involved
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We literally only need 30 seconds though!

We just want a female celebrity to turn up in one in front of the people in the queue for the Ash gig at the garage. Nearest station is Highbury and Islington. This is nothing to do with the other request on here about a days use. We literally need it for 30 secs just so she and i can turn up!

So literally pick her up (and possibly squeeze me in) around the corner and the drive us to the venue 30 seconds away. Then thats it.

We will need it at approx 2pm until 2.01pm. We have no budget so cant pay but you can have photos with her I guess.

I think it will just look very cool and maybe the band Ash can take photos with it too (Ill try to arrange for you).

If you are interested email asap (today if poss!) and we can arrange.

thanks again and Im sorry we cant offer anything but a few photo opps for you. anyone who helps though will be thouht of first for future celeb (paid) events though!


I would do this... but they would have to travel to me! I work most of my hire/photoshoots around where I keep the car, that keeps costs down, and time!