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Full Version: Daughter's prom
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Are there any members in the Somerset/Dorset area that would be willing to take my daughter to her year 11 prom? She is mad on the Delorian and it would make her day. I would obviously be happy to pay a reasonable amount to the owner.
Thanks for your reply, is there no way around it? (friend taking friend etc)
we've done proms with one of our cars, but then again we have trade insurance so we're
covered for business use.
we've never seen limo's, stretched Hummer's etc with 'taxi' or private hire plates doing school proms,
what a funny law!

Now, if you told the 'Authorities' that the car was supplied free, does that make a difference, as
you're not 'technically' doing it for hire or reward? The last one we did, we did as a freebie for a mate of
our's in a Vauxhall Club that we're part of, as he's always on hand to help us out with engine swaps, etc,
so we took his daughter to her prom £FOC as a thank you to him. All her mates were turning up in hideous
pink Lincoln Town Cars, stretched Hummer's etc, but she got the biggest "wow" and cheers when she turned
up in a DeLorean and then the gullwing's swung up 8)

This is all just hypothetical of course, and I think in light of Steven's post, it is probably worth anyone thinking
of doing any prom work checking with their local authority (and insurance company) before taking on any jobs -
I know most insurance companies will add 'wedding cover' for about £50 a year.
its absolute madness isnt it.

By the time us De owners have paid out for licences, etc, it wont be worth doing the odd
hire job here and there - so how do the 'Sporting Bears' get around people paying to go out
for rides in cars at the NEC, Supercar Sunday, etc?

I think I might speak to our local council to see what they're take on it is, although if we go
'out of area', would we then need a licence for every council?

Its just bonkers :roll:
Thanks for the article, very informative. I have the option of a Gallardo but the Delorean would be much more interesting. What about renting a car to me for about 30 minutes? I could add it to my insurance temporarily, drive her about 200 yards then hand it back.
There is actually a DeLorean that is available for self drive hire - member kckoopa is the owner of that particular car, might be worth contacting him directly - memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=825
If you just charge an appearance fee and make no mention of the trip in any correspondence you'd be pretty unfortunate to be charged. I just do weddings, but did a few proms last year, I made it clear that they were paying for appearance only not a paid trip.

The proms I attended were like a blooming classic and movie car convention, none of them had plated vehicles, I would have happily gone for free just to look at the cars.

Getting a vehicle plated for private hire/taxi use can be a complicated affair, maybe even impossible with a delorean. All local authorities differ slightly.

thats interesting James, and I think if the person booking the car signs something to the
effect that they have paid for the vehicle to attend an event, then that means that the
car has not been booked to *take* them to the event, just appear Wink

I guess its a bridge we'll have to cross next time we're asked to do a Prom in this neck of
the woods............ but as I said earlier, and you also said, I've NEVER seen a Hummer or
other vehicle at a school prom with private hire plates (like the ones you see on taxi's).
Thanks guys, your comments have been really helpful. Looks like I have hit a dead end with this one! Sad
Hi Simon,

I hope you do manage to find a great car for your daughter's Prom, but I think alot of
us are going to be wary of taking money for such events now that these regulations have
come to light.
i would not even worry about it.
as long as you say their is no reward :wink: completely legal. you are innocent untill proven guilty, so how can they prove it?

just make sure there is no paper trail.

some laws (especially the euro trash! we get these days) are so out of touch
not related but i am definately voting UKIP next time.
(like having to book a hire car, but you can stick your hand out for a taxi)
Insurance isn't the problem, its the local authorities and under what circumastances you have to run a PSV lisence.

In 2012 there were rumours that there would be be a new PSV (Public Service Vehicle) test to enable some classic and vintage cars to be registerd for taxi use I haven't heard any more about this.

In short...
If your driving people around for hire-or-reward you need to have a personal taxi licence
If you are taking bookings and/or organising paid transport you need to have a PSV Operators Licence
*Some* local authorities do not insist on a PSV or Operators licence for wedding and funeral work

That's the law, if you choose to stick to it or not that's for the individual to decide.

yes agreed and if it was me i would not be worrying, there are bigger things to worry about in life!

as long as financial reward cannot be proved there is no problem.

you are doing it for free.

perhaps you can sell them a signed photo of them with your car? or at a different time via buyitnow ebay perhaps?

that would be legal technically.
I still dont understand why, if these laws are in place, that all these ridiculous
stretched Hummers you see at proms (and the like) NEVER have those 'private
hire' plates on them that you seen on licenced taxi cabs.

When I get time, I'll speak to our local council and find out what thier take on it is.
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