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Full Version: Radiator fans finally quit...!
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Dear all,

I breezed over comments in the past about Fanzillas and other similar problems, but my time has come.

Frenchy had been looked after in dehumidified storage for about two months when I pulled her out for a clean, a few bits of tlc etc... when I noticed that as I sat waiting for fuel at the local garage the eng. temp. crept up, and up and up....

I've been lucky for 7 years...Crispy said "watch the temps and pressures" in your Delorean...which is why I spotted it...

I have the standard replacement wiring (no fuses) instead of the blue relay, no other blown fuses....
Is it time for a Fanzilla?
"Otterstat" I hear some people murmuring?

Cheers, Mat..
you need to find out whats not working first, otterstat, fans, whatever. Try to locate the otterstat. (looking from rear of car L/H side of engine long water pipe it's in that. Check you have power and the otterstat is 'switching'
SpecialT's fan upgrade is fairly good if you need to go down this route.
Thanks for your help Chris,

Otterstat it is....location diagrams already at the ready!

I'm assuming I'm going to check it for power in situ, then when the engine gets hot enough listen out for the 'click' of it switching?

By the way, can you remind me how to turn the fans on permanently, to see if they are getting power?

Check you have power at one of the wires, if you have then just bridge the wires on the otterstat, and the fans should come on. (its just a switch)!
Bridge the otterstat first - it's the simplest test and only after it doesn't work will you need to chase the system (and it probably will work). The fuse that feeds the otterstat also does a bunch of other stuff which you would notice fail. Remember to switch the ignition on. If you have gas in your AC system, you can turn the fans on simply by switching the AC on - useful in an emergency.

One other single point of failure is the circuit breaker with the two black/orange wires going to it, although this is less common than the dang otterstat.

Thanks so much for your help. It's what I like about this forum - someone has most likely seen it all before! And are nice enough to pass on the knowledge!

Thankfully it will be a quick fix - a new otterstat.

Power was present, so bridged the gap and hey presto the fans fired into life!

DOC 100
Hi Matt, this does seem to be a relatively common problem. I've got a few second-hand (but tested) otterstats if you're stuck - but before you get a replacement of any sort, maybe try cleaning up the contacts on the old one - several times I've thought mine was shot, but it just turned out to be a buildup of 'green' on the terminals, and when cleaned, normal service was resumed...

Good luck, Rich
My car has went through quite a number of otterstats, I'm not sure if its because they are NOS and the wax(?) inside doesnt age well.

Anyway I wired up a little switch to the otterstat connections so I can turn the fans on incase the otterstat fails. Every dmc should have one!
Thanks for the tips guys...

I did the simple thing which was to replace the otterstat, recrimp the wires and install....

BUT, as before, bridge the gap, the fans come on so all wires etc.. good.

So, run the engine, and the new fans don't come on! Surely the new otterstat ain't broke?
Coolant is flowing, correct levels etc...
Is there a sure way of testing the ottersat?

One of them laser thermometers is great for reading the water pipe temp, but maybe your old one was coming on too soon? If you have one of my temperature gauge senders, the fans should come on with the gauge at 9 o'clock (original gauge senders can be all over the place but SHOULD be the same)
Thanks Martin,

I'm pretty sure you didn't fit anything like that to this car, it's just fairly original!

Unlike yesterday, today with the new otterstat, I didn't let the temp. go past, say
the 9 o'clock and maybe 10 mins position....

Maybe I should let get hotter to prove the point....?
It does look like the problem is that the otterstat isn't getting the message that it's time to close the circuit!

Thanks for any more gems....?

Will start her up again tomorrow as well and get the temp up...

I was told that they work better one way up i.e wires to the top or bottom (you need to spin the pipe) but for the life of me I cant remember which way round! :roll: Remember the golden rule......dont dimiss it because it's a new part....
The wires are meant to point down so a bubble can't get trapped under the sensor. They still work the other way up but it'll be slightly hotter. I would actually pop to the shop and get another otterstat - they're pretty cheap things, and you'll get a replacement with no fuss. What brand unit did you get?
Ah, my experience of cars doesn't stretch too far, (but I'm learning, it's fun!)
so popping down the shop meant emailing Ed in the Netherlands, who sent me over a replacement
with rubber seal and metal clamp - the clamp's too small but I improvised....

It is as it always has been - sitting on top of the pipe...I can understand why it would be better the other way, so I will turn the whole thing over....

Cheers again,
It's a metro part mate, and yes, those clips are crap, use a zip tie
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