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Full Version: Front hood cable release
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I know Claire and Phil managed top source the new cables for the hood release. Were these Astra ones or something Claire?
Mines just snapped. Luckily there's enough left on the cable at the moment to open with a pair of pliers. But I doubt that will last.

Any help would be appreciated.
Go to Halfords and spend £2.50 on a generic bicycle inner brake cable. It comes with a knobble at both ends and is more than twice as long as what you need, so just cut it in half and keep a spare.

One very important piece of advice: When removing the old cable, cut it cleanly at the latch end, then pull it out from the footwell. You don't want to leave any strands inside the cable because you'll never get a new one through. (ask me how I know...)
Thanks Martin Wink
we used the bonnet release cable from a Corsa that we scrapped. Did the
job perfectly, or if you havent got a scrapyard nearby that you can pike
a bit of cable from, then Martin's suggestion is just as good Smile
I'll just nip in Halfrauds. Its very close by. Cheers Wink