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Full Version: Front/rear bumper fascia refurb
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Dont know if this has been tried before, but the black 'bumper' area on my DMC was looking very dull and worn, so before I tried respraying it I gave it the once over with Autosol metal polish and was impressed with the results-didnt need to paint after all. Used a rag (damp) with Autosol on it and rubbed gently to get the crap off, then dried it using a polishing rag, then used Autoglym bumper shine-looks brand new!(almost!) Worth a try if your bumpers are looking a bit tatty. Will try and put some before and after pics up if possible. 8)
I would add a warning that this approach may make it much harder to paint in the future.
I've just re-sprayed my front fascia and I'm quite pleased with the results this was using the Alfa Romeo colour, as always photos probably don't do it justice as it is more sparkly than in the photos but here goes anyway...

[Image: fascia1.jpg]

This was just using 'rattle-cans' in a garage at a grand cost of £18 so I wasn't expecting pro sprayer results, and to behonest I haven't tidied up the join between the black and silver part iof the bumper I ran out of time at the w/end, but none the less so far I'm pretty happy.

However it does make the black area look particularly bad, I deliberaly havent polished it for a good few months and I'm hoping with some lighter fluid and a bit of elbow grease I may be able to remove any remaining polish residue and apply a coat of paint.

What do people use for the bumpers, semi flat or full on glossy finish? and any recomendations on paint type, not too high tech please it will be a rattle can in the garage job :-)

plastic bumper paint from halfords, with plastic primer.
agreed, thats what we used on Flopsy's back bumper in 2003, and it gave fantastic results for very little money or effort.
Guinney1971 Wrote:.....fantastic results/very little money/effort.

that's what i'm looking for then!
The only downside is that any slight rub causes the black to come off and expose the primer, which looks dreadful
so the moral of the story is dont scrape your back bumper or park near idiots in supermarket car parks :wink:
stunned_monkey Wrote:The only downside is that any slight rub causes the black to come off and expose the primer, which looks dreadful

What do you use Martin? or do you polish rather then paint?

I noticed that Halfords do a satin black bumper paint which doesn't need a primer, but you do have to clean the bumper with a special cleaner 1st, I might give that a go.

At least then if it rubs off it will just be the black bumper underneath.

The problem is the DeLorean bumper is porous and you need to seal it before any paint will stay stuck and not soak in. I haven't done any with rattle cans for some time because of the time and effort involved, it's cheaper to pay someone else, and you then have comeback if the paint starts cracking after a year or so (which they often do).

I do paint the black parts simply because when faded, they look so awful