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Full Version: Door mirror switch
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Hi there,

I have just tried 2 saab mirror switches in my delorean and neither of them work properly. If the switch is to the left, then the right hand mirror will go side to side. If the switch is to the right then the left hand mirror will work up and down. The other movements don't work at all. Has anyone else played about with these saab switches?



If its this ....then sorry buddy you have some wire swapping to do .....

A Van

Hi Dan

Did you have working mirrors before?

Right its ok problem solved. Dodgy connections where the mirrors plug into the loom, probably where the tub has been sat in the garage doing nothing for months. Contact cleaner fixed that. However with the switch wired as per that diagram the left and right is back to front. I've rewired it now so it works properly, strange though that the diagram is wrong. Did you find yours was back to front as well Al?

I could of turned the switch up the other way but wanted the direction switch at the bottom as standard. :wink:

A Van

Had mine the other way...wasnt as fussy!!

:lol: Good to know its not the wiring in my car thats different. I also didn't join the delorean connector on with a bunch of crimps either, I soldered it right to the back of the saab switch instead of the saab wiring :wink: I'm getting as bad as Darren 8)