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Full Version: DeLorean News Issue 44
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Hi all,

I'm in the process of putting together issue 44 of DeLorean News (albeit slightly behind schedule thanks to work commitments etc).

If anyone's got a story or article they'd like to contribute, just drop it over to me ASAP by e-mail or snail mail. My details are on the first page of your last magazine or here:

Best wishes,

Hi all,

Just to let you know that the latest issue of DeLorean News went to the printers earlier this week.

Thanks to all those who sent in articles this time around. Special thanks also to Julian (Bandit) who send me a huge CD full of stuff at the 11th hour. Cheers for that matey!

Best wishes,

We all apreciate what you do Phil, cheers TT


Yes good stuff Phil... dont know where you find the time but im looking forward to receiving my copy .
well done matey, looking forward to my springtime read (and then the invoice coming for
payment...... lol )
Yeh, nice one Phil, look forward to it every time. It makes the simple mug of coffee & biscuit tin so much more pleasurable.
Ok, Just spent the last 4 hours packing these magazines off. So will all be in the post Wed AM so should be with everyone by the weekend. Yet again a great magazine put together by Phil, hats of to him for his time and dedication Big Grin Please though keep your ideas/articals/photos and everything else that you think may be interesting to be sent to him. The faster he gets them the quicker the magazine comes out (within reason!)
great stuff Phil and Chris Big Grin
Had a quick flick through my mag at lunchtime today, it just oozes quality from cover to cover! Big Grin

Great front cover too, one of the best pics of a D I think I have ever seen, would love that pic as a desktop background! 8)

Love the troubleshooting guide, very handy for us newer owners. Nice balance of stories/fun/tech/ really appeals to owners and non-owners alike! Big Grin

Superlative effort Phil and congrats on your 10th issue, here's to many more matey! Big Grin

Thanks also to Chris, top effort for getting the mags sent straight out. Big Grin

Best wishes
I arrived home to find a very welcoming envolope waiting for me. Great magazine! It's hard to believe something so professional can emerge from our little club.

Role on the next edition!
Before anyone gets too confused - the D with the US plates pictured on the street is the car I test drove back in 2005 - not the one I bought on eBay 3 years later!

Great issue though - well done Phil and everyone else whose hard work made it possible Smile
Your article made me chuckle Gez, where you mention Tony's description of the engines :lol:
well thats tourettes for ya :wink: , but in my defense, the turbo makes it much better .... its a shame because of the ecenomic climate it wont be fitted by june, but will be in August time sorry Cry TT ps it would have been easier to fill the diagnostic chart with X's then we may have a chance lol
Will you be able to bring your car to Eurotec Tony?

By the way, I don't suppose that's a real life DeLorean widow in the picture with the article is it? Anyone's WAG want to own up to it, or is it a stock photo? Big Grin
yes bringing car mate, im running stock volvo engine at the mo, as for the girl in the pic i will have a long hard think about who she is later TT :wink:
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