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Full Version: Exhaust tips
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Hi all,

I am looking to enhance the back end of my car by disguising the 'pea shooter' exhaust tips with something 'beefier' looking.

Any tips?


look under 'products'' >> 'updates' ..right at the bottom.
Thanks Mike,

Do you have to modify your existing tips to accomodate these do you know?


You can still see the existing exhaust if you look hard enough. but not to the extent they look 'chavy' They are made to look like the tips on a later car and at that price i would run with them.

Ive heard of members cutting back the existing tail pipes by 11/2" or so as well.

I painted the tailpipes on mine with black engine paint before fitting the trims i have on mine.


I wish Smile

i must start working as hard as you buddy or i will never get one Smile
Good idea Mike, i think i will just paint the tailpipes too.

The stainless-exhaust would be fantastic, but after recently buying a Trans Am, the wife would go mental.