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Full Version: Replacing Power Window Glass - what's the glue to use?
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As title.

I need to re-attach the glass of my power window to the window carrier.

Does anyone know what adhesive I should use? Is it the polyurethane like all the other windows?

Has anyone had any experience in this procedure? The tech manual seems to ignore this. :oops:



PU Adhesive / Tiger seal will be good

Just mind those nasty sharp SSteel edges inside the door. Recommend you stick 'duct tape' around them (leave it on for next time when you have finished )
cheers bozz

yet again Smile


no problem bars

Big Grin
is there anything that cant be fixed with Tiger Seal? :lol:

Our silicone outer door seals won't stick to it.


We had a metal sign stuck to some brickwork with it at work. When the sign had to come down it ripped all the facings off the brickwork.

Strong stuff.......