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Full Version: DOA Floor Mats (Lloyed Mats)
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Hi folks

Just before Eurofest I ordered a set of mats from the DOA website, one of their members brought the mats in their hand luggage to save on postage.

I have had these mats in my car now for 5 months and they are great, probably about an inch thick of soft shag carpet with a waterproof backing.

Since then I have decided to buy the rear carpet that covers the panels to the fuse box and engine computer. This arrived yesterday morning and is even better looking than I imagined.

I went for a grey carpet with DELOREAN in silver letters accross the center. Again it is about an inch thick and seems to fit much better than the old original one I had.

Anyone who has been thinking of buying one of these and wants some pictures just let me know.
Pictures as requested...

[Image: PB110026.jpg]
It was dark when I took this, looks alot brighter looking in the flesh

[Image: PB110029.jpg]
You can see that it is atleast 5 times thicker than the original parcel shelf mat.
can you get some pics of the floor mats too, just out of intrest, thanks
Oooo. Nice! Shock